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Let’s Get Consulting

Let’s Get Consulting is a leading corporate travel consultancy with over 18 years experience of serving the travel industry.

They are corporate travel experts, providing travel program optimisation, sustainability, concur travel implementation, training and administration.

The Challenge

Founded in 2023 by Glen Jeffery in Sydney, Let’s Get Consulting is fulfilling an unmet need within the highly competitive corporate travel management sector. After more than 20 years of working with some of the world’s leading brands, Glen partnered with Cheeky Digital to bring his vision to life by developing their brand, website, and marketing strategy.

The Solution

To bring this vision to life, Marty and the Cheeky team underwent a series of discovery sessions to dig deep into the ideal brand persona, and its values. Once the discovery phase was signed off, it was time for the fun stuff. Now that the brand architecture was developed it was essential to tie it all together to deliver a cohesive, congruent brand identity that reinforced the brand’s value proposition but also its brand promise with sustainability as a core tenet.

The key element to the brand and asset development was its earthly tone colour palette. This has been woven throughout all elements of the brand to ensure consistency. The backend infrastructure was built out with domains, and hosting all built on the WordPress CMS. 


Website Design

Logo + Brand Identity

Marketing Strategy

Synchronising Brand Identity and Values

Building a Sustainable Brand

A key branding element for Let’s Get Consulting is sustainability. By building on this pillar, we crafted a brand position and visual identity that perfectly captures what Let’s Get Consulting offers its clients.

Easy Maintenance and Updating

As WordPress developers we were able to to not only build a customised content management system, but we also ensured that we provided in-depth training and support which enabled Glen and his team to be confident in their ability to make changes and build it out as the business grows.

Marketing strategy and Campaign Tools

Cheeky Digital ensured the new brand assets were seamlessly integrated into various communications, from social media platforms to internal documents, stationery, flyers and templates. 

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